Karel Geraerts and Union will get a taste of the semi-final in the cup with Antwerp on Sunday: “The worst possible draw? No definitely not”


After the 4-0 victory against Ghent on Thursday evening, the draw for the semi-finals took place on Friday afternoon: with Union – Antwerp we immediately get a final avant la lettre. The semi-final is only for February and March, but on Sunday both teams are already looking at each other in the competition: “Antwerp is a good collective with many players who can also make a difference individually”, Geraerts has already done his homework.

Thomas Cami

Geraerts was clear about the draw. “Is it the worst possible draw? No definitely not. It’s like a very nice draw against a strong opponent. We get two top matches, so that is only positive”, the 41-year-old Limburger was clear.

Nice, but certainly not easy: Union has not been able to beat Antwerp since its return to the highest level. 3 times it lost, 1 time it drew and only 1 time it won. At the beginning of this season, the Bosuil lost 4-2. “That was indeed not a good result for us, we lost by big numbers. But we also remember the circumstances: Lazare was sent off and we also scored an own goal. It is up to us to learn from those mistakes. Antwerp is of course a strong team: there is a collective with players who can make a difference individually. As far as I’m concerned, Toby Alderweireld is their great leader: he continuously manages the team. The danger of Antwerp can come from anywhere, so we have to be on our guard,” concludes Geraerts.


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