In addition to business flop, Gerard Piqué takes another blow: ex-wife Shakira finishes football icon in new single

“The ITF negotiated a strong tennis deal in 2018. The collaboration with Kosmos has resulted in more participating countries, more prize money and more interest in the Davis Cup,” the International Tennis Federation said in a statement. “We are now focusing on the future growth of sport’s largest annual country competition.”

The so-called World Cup of tennis has undergone some major changes since the entry of Piqué’s investment company. For example, the final is played with several countries in one place and there are considerably fewer home and away games. In addition, the best-of-five format was abandoned and the meetings now only last two days instead of three. The changes led to much criticism. Players, among others, claimed that the charm was increasingly disappearing due to the new setup. The top players regularly skipped the tournament, resulting in declining visitor numbers.

This year’s edition will be held as planned. The final tournament, the Final 8, will be played in Malaga in November. Belgium lost in the group stage last year. Canada won the tournament.

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In between, Piqué had to deal with another sacrifice. His ex Shakira released a new single this week and in it she lashes out at the ex-FC Barcelona footballer, although without explicitly mentioning his name. Shakira and Piqué split last year after an 11-year relationship. They have two sons together, Milan (9) and Sasha (7).

Piqué was soon seen in public with a new girlfriend, Clara Chia, and that apparently runs very deep with the Colombian singer. But her swipe doesn’t hurt her either. Her song in a BZRP music session was viewed 62 million times on Youtube after one day.


A selection of the lyrics:

“A she wolf like me is not for newbies. A she wolf like me isn’t for guys like you. I was too good for you, that’s why you’re with someone like you now.”

“I’m not going to come back, I don’t want any more disappointments. All that stuff about you being a champion. When I needed you the most, you showed the worst version of yourself.”

“I am worth two 22-year-olds. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded in a Rolex for a Casio.”

“I’m not coming back to you. Not when you cry and not even when you beg me. You left me with your mother as my neighbor, the press at my door and debts to the taxes.”

“You work and work, take it easy for once. So much time in the gym, but also work on your brain.”

Piqué stuck to a few tweets with emoticons. When he received a question about it during a padel tournament, the Catalan ostentatiously dismissed it.

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