Club Brugge teaches supporters to give heart massage: “The faster the procedure, the greater the chance of survival”

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Teach someone how to resuscitate through augmented reality: that is the new stunt of the Club Brugge Foundation. Via the smartphone you learn in eight steps how to administer a heart massage, and that completely free of charge. The AR experience was developed in collaboration with KU Leuven. “The faster the appropriate help is offered, the greater the chance of survival,” says Peter Gheysen.

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Helping someone who is confronted with heart failure: it is no easy task. After the Genk-Club Brugge game, this became painfully clear again when a supporter became unwell in the stands, fortunately with a good outcome. Less than ten percent of people survive heart failure. This means that every year in a full Jan Breydel about two supporters can suffer a cardiac arrest. And that is why the Club Brugge Foundation, in collaboration with KU Leuven and Unibet, developed a brand new AR experience.

Via the smartphone you can quickly learn how to resuscitate someone with the help of augmented reality. That is an interactive environment around the smartphone while using images of the real world. The technique is also used, for example, in the popular game Pokémon Go. “As a professional football club, we also have a great social responsibility off the field. At Club Brugge we have been doing this for years based on our slogan ‘No Heart, No Glory’, says Peter Gheysen. What’s in a name: The Foundation also uses the slogan as a website where the AR experience begins.

Free AED devices

How exactly does that work? You record your current environment with your smartphone, and suddenly a digital player from Club Brugge lies there. In your living room, for example. Step by step – make the area safe, shake the victim’s shoulders – explains how to recognize and help someone with heart failure. On the train, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or during the halftime break of a football match: you suddenly learn how to administer a heart massage at a glance.

“This unique AR tool interactively teaches thousands of people better knowledge about life-saving techniques. Because the sooner appropriate help can be provided in the event of heart failure, the greater the chance of survival,” Gheysen continues.

Together with Unibet, the Foundation has been working on heart safety for years. For every vote cast on the Player of the Month campaign, Unibet donates one euro to charity, which means that amateur clubs can participate in a workshop on CPR and heart massages for free and also receive a free AED device. 35 clubs have already been helped in this way.

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