Scott Parker looks at Yaremchuk to replace injured Jutgla against Anderlecht: “We are going to pull him through”


Club Brugge longs for a statement, and Scott Parker wants to give it to arch-rival Anderlecht. “We can’t afford to make mistakes,” he says. Meanwhile, the English coach has an extra challenge: to resuscitate record purchase Yaremchuk. Because he has to replace the injured Jutgla in principle. “Some people judge him without knowing the context,” Parker said.

Junior Verbeeke

Desperation was in his eyes. Roman Yaremchuk can’t get off the ground at Club Brugge, and that monumental miss in Genk didn’t do it any good. It should work now: because Jutgla cannot play on Sunday due to a knee injury, Yaremchuk is actually his dead-name replacement. Because Parker plays with two wings and a center forward. “I’ve known Roman since my time at Bournemouth,” says Parker. “I saw him play in Portugal: he really made an impression. That is also the reason why the club paid so much money for him.”

Although the latter also turns out to be a curse. “Of course, that amount also comes with a certain amount of pressure. He has had a difficult season and had some interruptions due to injuries. But he can do it: I’m convinced of that. There are zero percent doubts about his abilities. Roman is a player who wants to progress and has completely convinced me in my short time here.” Parker took a closer look at the difficult season of the 16 million euro man. “People often judge from the outside without knowing the context. That is often difficult”, he shrugs. “People don’t know why he’s struggling. He ended up in a new environment, a new club, a new system. That requires adjustments. If you were in my chair, you would understand why Yaremchuk is having a hard time. We’re going to drag him through. With confidence and hard work.”


Also conversation with Sylla

Another worry child: Abakar Sylla, who once again went crazy at Genk. “I have spoken to him in the meantime. And explained how I see it,” said Parker. “Abs is a young player who has not yet matured in certain areas. Guys like that make mistakes, but he will learn quickly. He now understands what is being asked of him and has clearly received the message. We simply do not want to see such behavior again.” The defender has already been suspended on Sunday, waiting to see who replaces him. Boyata was not in the core last weekend. “But on Sunday, that may be the case,” Parker continued. “In consultation with Dedryck, we decided to build up. He also struggled with injuries and had a mixed season. Hence that decision.”

Meanwhile, Club really needs a statement. Vormer who comes to kick off, an away section that – in the absence of the punished Purple & White supporters – will be filled with home fans: the room will be on fire on Sunday. “We can’t afford to make any mistakes given the gap to the leader,” said Parker. “But we will continue to work in the long term. Making progress and reaching a certain level remains the priority. We don’t have a magic wand. We can only keep working hard.”


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