Praying and trembling for KV Oostende, which drops to relegation place for the second time: “Doesn’t feel like pointing at each other”


Another fifteen match days of praying and trembling: that is all that KV Oostende has left. The ignominious defeat against Seraing has hit the sea hard. For the second time this season, KVO is in a relegation place. But nobody dares to say that this core has too little quality to remain in the Jupiler Pro League. We are missing some key players.

Junior Verbeeke

A mess: we can’t describe the situation at KVO better at the moment. Four games under Thalhammer, three points out of twelve. Four goals scored, twelve goals conceded. Or an average of three per game. The flare-up against KV Kortrijk has meanwhile become a free fall. And for the second time this season, KV Oostende is also effectively in a relegation place. Earlier, after a 3-0 against Antwerp, it also ended up in penultimate place for a while, although it won against Zulte Waregem a few days later. “It’s going to be a long season, a battle until the last day”, captain Anton Tanghe sighed after the match against Seraing. Again he was allowed to explain it. “We scored early and then we took it too easy. Of course we were better than Seraing. But if you don’t put pressure on them, you’ll get the lid on the nose. They do finish their chances.”

Too little armed

That lid on the nose was not a tap but a hammer blow for KV Oostende. Chairman Frank Dierckens crawled into his pen and spoke of “the drop”, meanwhile coach Dominik Thalhammer also knows in which wasp’s nest he ended up. He’s not entirely to blame. This core is simply underarmed, although Thalhammer does not want to comment on that. “We are currently missing some key players. McGeehan and D’Arpino weren’t there yet, we really missed Hornby against Seraing in the box. We keep working motivated,” he says. The Austrian already showed in private that he hardly has a point of contact within the club. Or how Dierckens had it recorded a few days ago. “It is time for a thorough evaluation of the functioning of this club. KVO is sailing around too rudderless. There needs to be another captain on this ship. Someone who can remind everyone of their duties: the management, the coaching staff and the players. Everyone should take a look in the mirror and take responsibility.” That was also a push towards Gauthier Ganaye, who, like the American shareholders, is under fire from supporters.

In the meantime, a move to KV Mechelen will follow on Saturday, a team that is gradually also ending up in turbulent water. But Behind De Kazerne, Malinwa can always do a little more. “There is no point pointing at each other now, we have to stay calm,” Thalhammer also knows. “This is a huge challenge for us. But we will do everything we can to achieve our goal.” Or as Tanghe puts it. “Now we have to try to get points every time. There is little else to…”

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