Jesper Fredberg in Danish media: “I didn’t step into a hornet’s nest, but it has already been hectic at Anderlecht”


Jesper Fredberg, Anderlecht’s CEO Sports, has given an interview to the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet. Below the most fascinating passages, about the hectic at Neerpede, the appointment of Riemer and buying at ex-club Viborg.

Pieter Jan Calcoen

About his difficult start at Anderlecht

“With all due respect to other Danish clubs, Anderlecht is just of a completely different calibre. There are also differences with Viborg. There we always worked towards the mercato with a fixed pattern – we were always in balance, as it were –, that is not the case here. I wouldn’t say I stepped into a wasp’s nest. I simply step into a place where there is pressure and where a lot has to be done. It would be wrong to call it chaotic, but it has been hectic. There are great expectations for this transfer window.”

Over coach Brian Riemer

“It was a crucial point for me that I could already decide on the new trainer. I should not take the risk of going to Anderlecht if a coach was hired that I knew nothing about. Brian is completely my decision, and thankfully he said yes.”

Fredberg met coach Brian Riemer. — ©  BELGA_HANDOUT

About getting players from ex-club Viborg

“I do not intend to sign players from Viborg during this transfer window (striker Jay-Roy Grot has already been mentioned, ed.). It must be Viborg itself that wants it, and if it wants to, then I am also quite ready to enter into a conversation, but we will not initiate negotiations.”

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