Ewoud Pletinckx after a period without a win: “Would like to keep a clean sheet again and finish our chances”

The double defeat against KV Kortrijk has arrived at Pletinckx and co. And the way in which, with three goals against each time, even more so. — © BELGIUM

OH Leuven has been without a win for more than two months. Expressed a bit dramatically, of course, because only three games were played in that World Cup period. And yet it is quite urgent time to collect points again, especially against a direct competitor like Westerlo. Ewoud Pletinckx (22) also knows this. “If we want to keep the connection, we have to win.”

Milan Augustine

The double defeat against KV Kortrijk has arrived at OH Leuven. And the way in which, with three goals against each time, even more so. Fortunately, central defender Ewoud Pletinckx always has a clear explanation ready.

To swallow three goals against Kortrijk twice, that cannot be good for confidence.

“Certainly not. It has been two bitter defeats. We had a lot of ambition in the cup and it was very painful that we went out that way, and Kortrijk was also a game we had to win for the competition. It hurt.”

Do you have an explanation for that?

“It’s not that we’re playing badly, but we had some bad luck and conceded goals too easily. Efficiency is lacking on both sides of the field and that means we don’t get enough points.”

What does this lack of efficiency have to do with? Coincidence? Shape level?

“As a team you sometimes find yourself in such a situation. This also happens at other clubs. I would like to keep another clean sheet and finish our chances. We have to try to put matches in a final fold quickly.”

After nineteen games you have thirty goals against. Bit too much, right?

“I don’t know those figures, but it is indeed too much. I have often thought after a game that we have conceded too many goals again. It is not that we make defensive blunders every time, but they are often stupid goals.”

Are you sometimes a little too energetic in attacking, leaving gaps in the back?

“That offensive game is also a quality. We still support that and that has already yielded a lot.”

You’re kind of the leader in the back. Do you feel responsible for all those goals against?

“Certainly, but that also applies to the other defenders. It’s not that they care less.”

What do you expect from the match against Westerlo?

“That is very important. They have four points more than us, so if we want to keep the tie, we have to win. The ambition is still to play play-offs and we have already dropped enough points.”

How do you view your individual season? Despite those thirty goals against, you are not doing badly.

“I am also satisfied. My season started well and after that I had a stable season. It’s not that I’m the star, but that’s not my style either. I don’t have so many ups and downs and I try to keep it simple. There are others with the qualities to make a difference.”

The last time we spoke to you, you said that the European Championship for U21s later this year in Romania and Georgia is a big goal. Are you still on schedule to attend?

“I think so. It has been since September that we met and everything is at a standstill at the moment, including contact with the national coach, but there will be a new internship in March. Immediately the last before the European Championship in June. My focus right now is just on OHL. A selection for the national team follows from good performances at the club.”

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