Charles De Ketelaere has completely lost it in Milan, it seems: “I have a package from Belgium that I would like to return”

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Even in 2023, things are not going smoothly for Charles De Ketelaere at AC Milan. After one decent performance, another two juniors followed. The Rossoneri themselves continue to defend the Red Devil, but the Italian fans are less patient.

Vincent Van Genechten

“We are talking about a 21-year-old player, for whom we have drawn up a long-term project,” Milan boss Paolo Maldini told Torino after the surprising cup elimination. “You cannot think that a Coppa Italia match in January is the last chance for a player like De Ketelaere. Balance is needed.”

Milan therefore continues to believe in De Ketelaere. Just as it did in players like Rafael Leao and Sandro Tonali, who have since become fixed values ​​after a difficult running-in period.

But De Ketelaere was the summer purchase of the Italian champion and so the fans want to see results faster. The patience of one Milan supporter has already run out, it turns out.

“Come on, send it back with Amazon. He is really incredibly bad,” he said on Twitter at Marco Verduz. To which Amazon itself replied with the question of how the Italian could be helped. “Yes, I have a package from Belgium that I would like to return.” Verduz used the word ‘pacco’, Italian for package but also an equivalent of ‘flop’.

Amazon did not immediately understand the message from the Milan fan and explained to him the procedure for returning packages. Verduz ended with: “Good evening Club Brugge.”

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