Atlético Madrid sends threatening letter to Thibaut Courtois: “He hurt our fans and must apologize”

Our compatriot played 154 times for Atlético and kept no fewer than 76 clean sheets. Courtois thus made an important contribution to the Spanish national title (2014), Spanish cup win (2013), Europa League triumph (2012), European super cup win (2013) and reaching the Champions League final (2016). After his return to Chelsea, the goalkeeper quickly received a plaque on Atlético’s ‘Walk of Fame’.

But since then his relationship with the club has only gone downhill. And when Courtois left Chelsea for city rivals Real Madrid, the gate was over. Before the most recent Champions League final, the goalkeeper angered all of Atlético.

“Eight years ago I played my first Champions League final, but now I hope to win my first. Everyone wants to win and contribute to the history of Real Madrid. When Real Madrid play a final, you know they will win it. Now I’m on the right side of history,” said our compatriot, who was the absolute star in the final against Liverpool (1-0 win), after which angry Atlético fans broke out his honorary plate.

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This season, Courtois went the extra mile during the Madrid derby. When he got tired of the insults from the Atlético fans during the warm-up, he smiled and showed off his tattoo with the image of the Champions League trophy. “I like a hostile atmosphere”, Courtois then responded after the derby won (1-2). “That gives me a good kick, adrenaline. After all, I’ve been playing these matches this way for many years. I just warm up with a smile and I listen to what they say, even if it’s very wrong.”


It has all led to Atlético wanting to get rid of Courtois’ honorary plate. Unless he apologizes for his ‘disrespectful behavior’. That has been decided by the Social Committee of the club.

“Among the criteria for being part of our ‘Walk of Fame’ is the obligation to maintain a respectful attitude towards both the club and its fans,” it said in a statement. In this sense, the committee agreed to send a letter to Thibaut Courtois, informing us that he no longer meets the criteria to keep his honorary plate after some statements that have hurt Atlético fans. We have given him the opportunity to rectify this by apologizing. An open conversation has been started with the goalkeeper to clarify this situation.”

But whether Courtois will actually apologize, that is very much the question. In Spain it soon sounded that this will not be the case and that his honorary plate is therefore in danger.

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