Volleyball coach Gert Vande Broek found guilty of transgressive behavior: “Disciplinary board will consider sanction”


Gert Vande Broek (56), the coach of the Belgian national women’s volleyball team Yellow Tigers, has indeed been guilty of transgressive behaviour. The Bondsparket has judged this after an in-depth investigation and Volley Vlaanderen announced on Wednesday.

Jonas WithouckBron: Belgian

Vande Broek was discredited in December 2021 when several (former) players accused him of transgressive behavior. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office investigated the case and ruled “that there are indeed facts that should be qualified as cross-border”.

The Bondsparket of Volley Vlaanderen will now bring the case before the competent chamber of the Disciplinary Council. He will consider a possible disciplinary sanction. The Board of Directors takes note of the matter, but indicates in a press release that “it will refrain from any further comment until the Disciplinary Board has reached a verdict”.


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