São Raimundo x Falcon LIVE by Copinha: where to watch, lineup and predictions

São Raimundo RR vs Falcon live: see how to watch the game live, lineups, arbitration, guesses and tips. — © Team Futebolizei

where to watch Sao Raimundo vs Falcon live and online, for the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Jr 2023. In addition, see the lineup, predictions, time, arbitration and location of the match.

At first, the game will be at 5:15 pm (Brasília time), this Wednesday (January 11), at the Bruno José Daniel Stadium.

Where to watch São Raimundo vs Falcon live?

In summary, the teams enter the field for Copinha 2023. Thus, the confrontation will be broadcast on SportTV. Therefore, no broadcast on open TV.

Data it’s timeWednesday, 01/11, at 5:15 pm (BR)
LocalBruno Jose Daniel Stadium
where to watchSportTV

Escalation of São Raimundo/RR: Rafael Lennon, Hugo, Jambão, Leandro Vaz, Vinicius Baiano, Dieguinho, Kayo, Cristian, Lucas, Macaxeira, Elmi.

Escalation Falcon: Luca, Keke, Murilo, Diego Henrique, Wanderson, Gabriel Cardoso, Cauan , Matheus Moreira, Luiz Henrique, Lucas Lopes, David.

About the cup

In short, the São Paulo Junior Football Cupalso known as Copinha, is organized by the Paulista Football Federation, where clubs from all over Brazil and even from abroad face each other in games held in São Paulo.

In the current season, 128 clubs were divided into 32 groups, where they face each other in single games, in the same style as the World Cup. The top 2 Colorados move on to the next stage of the competition.

Guess São Raimundo Under-20 VS Falcon FC Under-20

Victory Sao Raimundo Sub-2020%
A tie15%
Victory Falcon Sub-2065%

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