Anderlecht fans demand the resignation of chairman Wouter Vandenhaute: “You have knocked an extra nail into the coffin of our club”

In a joint statement, several supporters associations of RSC Anderlecht have asked for the resignation of chairman Wouter Vandenhaute. “It’s simple: if you are a supporter of our club, resign as chairman”, it sounds on Wednesday, after a few turbulent days.

Vincent Van Genechten

The Anderlecht fans are concerned. The results are disappointing and they wonder what influence the savings will have on the sporting project. Are transfers like those of wing attacker Viktor Tsygankov and left back Maximilian Middelstädt possible at all? The new sporting CEO Jesper Fredberg and coach Brian Riemer will speak with a fan delegation this week to provide text and explanation.

The conversation between the new bosses and the supporters has been planned for some time. Fredberg and Riemer themselves sometimes wanted to explain which direction they want to take with Anderlecht and the initiative therefore dates back to before all the commotion surrounding the dismissal of youth director Jean Kindermans. Nevertheless, the conversation is not inconvenient, because the unrest among the supporters is increasing.

Evidence: an open letter on the Facebook page Mauves Army 2003. It asks for the departure of chairman Wouter Vandenhaute.

“After three years, confidence is completely gone. A succession of decisions, misunderstood at best and destructive at worst, coupled with a glaring lack of legitimacy and charisma, have forced us to act in the interest of the survival of our club. “Vandenhaute was not satisfied with the farewell of a club legend, who was perhaps one of the last elements that kept our club alive, and replaced Vincent Kompany with a grandiose miscast in the person of Felice Mazzu, a fellow victim of this decision. We all fell off our seats recently when we heard the shameful resignation of Jean Kindermans, one of the last Brussels Mohicans to represent the purple-white DNA. This was the last straw. ‘The point of no return’. You’ve knocked an extra nail into the coffin of our legendary club. Data is sacred to you. The numbers don’t lie: your record is inadequate and there’s no sign of better times ahead as we’re closer to relegation than Play-off 2. The bottom line is simple: if you are a supporter of our club, resign as chairman. To the other members of the board: consider this a final warning. No one is safe and we will not let you continue to destroy our club. No one is bigger than the institute”, it sounds threatening.

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