Wouter Vrancken looks confidently ahead of the cup clash against Antwerp at Genk: “Doubt is our biggest opponent”


“The victory against Club Brugge has given us a boost, after a victory, players always recover a little faster.” The day before the cup clash with Antwerp (Wednesday 8.45 pm) that is a nice bonus, says Wouter Vrancken.

The Genk coach and his players are facing the second game in twelve days. “With only two rest days between each match, you have to approach the preparation differently,” said Vrancken. “You touch on certain tactical matters on the practice field, but you work a little more with images. Fortunately, after six months every player is on board with our great principles. It is also difficult to physically strain the bench seats two days before a match, which is why they receive extra training after the match. Do we prefer to avoid extensions? Of course, but that will also apply to Antwerp.”

Lessons after Club

Vrancken was extremely satisfied with the way his players had learned lessons from the defeat in Kortrijk. On Tuesday they set to work with the working points of the match against Club Brugge. Especially the way in which the visitors came in front of goal twice after the break was given extra attention. “Then we initially discuss with players individually the decisions they made in those situations. Why they did that and how they would handle it in the future? All this should prevent them from doubting the next time. Because doubt is our greatest opponent.”

Genk again awaits a strong opponent against Antwerp. “A good team with a lot of individual qualities,” says Vrancken. “They have allocated a lot of resources to strengthen themselves. Antwerp played something different in recent matches than in our duel in the competition, with a central role for Stengs. But Mark van Bommel’s principles remain the same, of course. We believe in our qualities and would love to go to the semi-finals. The support of our supporters – almost 11,000 tickets were sold on Tuesday afternoon, the ticket offices will remain closed on Wednesday – can again be the deciding factor.”

Infirmary empty

Apart from the injured Galarza, Oyen and Abid, everyone is ready at KRC Genk. After Preciado, Ouattara also recovered from a flu attack in one day, he was already training with the group. Vrancken then selected a large core of 22 players, the 21 from against Club plus the recovered Preciado. (mg)

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