Then a boycott, Antwerp section will remain empty next week in Ostend: “We no longer want to remain the plaything”

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Royal Antwerp FC will have to play in Ostend next Wednesday (18/01) without accompanying supporters. The supporters, who are usually on their way en masse, are holding a general boycott because of the early start time (6:30 pm).

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When the playing time for the 21st match day became known in mid-November, atmosphere group Antwerp Dynamite launched the idea to boycott the away match. The Federation of Antwerp Supporters Clubs (FASC) supported the statement, but initially wanted to organize ticket sales. Now the general boycott is coming anyway. An agreement was officially reached on this on Monday evening, and also unanimously.

Not a big screen either

“We can no longer remain the plaything of the Pro League and rights holder Eleven, so it is time for a strong signal,” said Dominik Van Landeghem, spokesperson for the FASC. “By all pulling together on the same sea, we reinforce our signal. We understand that football is a commercial product, but you cannot expect a working supporter to arrive in Ostend from Antwerp at 6:30 pm. Hopefully our action will set something in motion and supporter federations of other clubs will follow our example. Because this is not just our problem.”

The visitors’ section in the Ostend stadium will remain empty on January 18. — © BELGIUM

The FASC intends to send a clear message in the empty Ostend branch, directed against the Pro League and Eleven. An organized event with a large screen on the Bosuil site, which Antwerp Dynamite was aiming for, will not happen.

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