Last straight line towards play-offs for Jorn Van Ginderdeurs and AA Gent Ladies: “We are facing two challenging months”

Women’s football Super League AA Gent

“We cannot afford to lose points against WS Woluwe if we want to succeed in our goal”, coach Jorn Van Ginderdeurs realizes. — ©  Nic Declercq


In the Super League, AA Gent Ladies will resume the competition on Friday with an away match at WS Woluwe. The Buffalos have taken twelve out of fifteen from their past five games and have moved up to fifth place in the ranking. Woluwe is in eighth place and is no longer eligible for a place in the top six and participation in the play-offs for the title.

Johan Polet

“We cannot afford to lose points against Woluwe if we want to succeed in our goal”, realizes coach Jorn Van Ginderdeurs. “We have made a big step towards the play-offs in the past two months, but we are not there yet. The first leg against Woluwe ended in a disappointing 2-2 draw for us. Some crucial phases were called against us, including a red card for Amber Maximus. Woluwe plays football with a lot of guts and puts pressure on the opponent’s half early. It is often all or nothing with that team. I think we can expect another excited opponent. It is up to us to deal with that situation in the right way.”

“Because we are a young team, we have many students who are in the exams. We are with about twenty players at the training sessions when we are complete. In recent weeks I had to be content with fourteen or fifteen people present. It is understandable that they prefer their studies. After the last league match against Zulte Waregem, they were allowed to spend ten days at home with their family. They all received an individual training schedule to keep their condition up to standard.”

Grab something else

“We will compete against Woluwe and Eendracht Aalst in our remaining six games. Those two duels should yield six out of six. In the four other duels we will meet the top teams Racing Genk, Standard, OH Leuven and Anderlecht. The battle for sixth place will probably be a duel between Zulte Waregem and AA Gent. If the logic is respected in terms of results, we still need seven out of eighteen to finish in the top six. This means that in addition to the victories against Woluwe and Eendracht Aalst, we certainly have to pick something up against a team from the top four. We are facing two challenging months, but I strongly believe in a happy ending.”

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