Felipe Avenatti hopes to be accurate against Malinwa after two goals against OHL: “If I can’t score in training, I will know where to find the goal in the cup match”

At KV Kortrijk they hope to see this scene again tonight. — © Well

Tonight KV Mechelen will visit the Guldenspoorstadion for a cup visit. Malinwa has been warned, because KV Kortrijk and Felipe Avenatti (29) gained confidence after a last-minute victory on the field of OH Leuven. “I play better because I feel good at this club.”

Elian Coussement

The venom was in his tail on Sunday evening. KV Kortrijk only won in the 93rd minute against OH Leuven. As a result, KVK climbs out of the relegation zone and confidence refuels. “The most important thing is the three points,” said match winner Avenatti after the match. “I actually didn’t like my own game, but I did score two important goals. The team did a great job, even though we couldn’t really play our desired game. Leuven often gave us the ball and let us play quite high. We weren’t really under pressure either. Personally, I think we are better when we are put under pressure by an opponent.”

Strike with confidence

KV Kortrijk does not really know where to stand this season. With eighteen goals in the Jupiler Pro League, the Kortrijk players are doing just as badly as Seraing, the last in the standings. Now that Avenatti is starting to score on the assembly line, that seems to be changing. “It feels good to score again. I play better because I feel good at this club. The same goes for my wife and children. In the past I have always done my best, but Kortrijk remains a special club for me. Regali, my new striker partner, came in well. He is a fast striker unlike Gueye and myself. We must rely on our stature. I had hoped he would have scored today too, because he deserved a goal. We get along well. During the competition, we try to perform our tasks. One striker sinks in, the other runs deep. After the game we congratulate each other.”

With four goals in his last three matches, the Uruguayan is patiently working on his statistics. Will he be in charge again tonight in the Croky Cup against KV Mechelen? “I don’t like to talk about the next game,” said Avenatti. “I never manage to score in training the days before a match. Hopefully I will not score there again, so that I can find the goal in the cup match.” (laughs)

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