Club Brugge defender Sylla should have received a red card immediately, but “understanding that VAR did not ask for a review”

Sylla got his second yellow in the 75th minute, but should have been shown a red card after 40 minutes for his foul on Paintsil. — © BELGIUM

Club Brugge defender Abakar Sylla was sent off with two yellow cards after 75 minutes in the top match at Racing Genk (3-1) by ref Lawrence Visser, but his foul on Paintsil should have been punished with a red card after 40 minutes. become. That says Frank De Bleeckere on behalf of the Referee Department. Nevertheless, De Bleeckere understands that the VAR did not intervene. “because the technical criteria for an intervention were not met.” A vague explanation that does not say exactly why the VAR should not intervene.

Michael Van Damme

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“In the event of a counter-attack, RC Genk attacker Paintsil continues at speed in his own half and plays the ball in front of him,” says De Bleeckere in his weekly review of the weekend. “Club Brugge defender Sylla is clearly too late and hits RC Genk’s attacker at full speed and with high intensity. The Club Brugge player has no intention or ability to play the ball and endangers the opponent’s safety. The referee gives a yellow card. We expected a red card for this foul. The Referee Department understands that the VAR did not request an onfield review from the referee because not all technical criteria were present for an intervention.”

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