New basic place for Anshel Ver Eecke in Ghent victory: “It was a bit over before the winter break”

Volleyball Lotto Volley League Warworm – Caruur Gent: 0-3

Caruur Gent and Anshel Ver Eecke are doing a good job in the standings. “These are three important points with a view to the play-offs.” — © Nic Declercq


Caruur Gent has made good use of 2023. On a visit to Borgworm, Jan Van Huffel’s men easily passed the home team with 0-3. “These are three important points,” Anshel Ver Eecke tells us.

Dirk Van Bruysel

In the first set, both teams leapfrogged a few times and for a while it seemed that Borgworm would win, but from the second resumption, Ghent’s predominance was clear. Kjaer took care of the set point three times in a row. Striking finding in the Ghent base: partly due to the injury of Gilles Vandecaveye, Anshel Ver Eecke was able to start in the base. “That was indeed a while ago and I am glad that I was able to do my thing,” says Ver Eecke. “I really enjoyed this match. These are therefore three important points with a view to the play-offs. It is clear that the winter break has done us good. After the defeat against Menen, the coach gave us a rest. It was the time to recharge mentally and physically. Some players have taken advantage of the winter break to return to their home country and celebrate the end of the year with family. That clearly pleased them. We started again in good spirits on Monday, the day after New Year’s Eve. It was immediately clear that the motivation and the drive were there.”

Looking for better game

“Before the winter break, it was indeed all a bit over,” says Ver Eecke. “We were in a lesser period and couldn’t even win a set for three matches in a row. The rest period was therefore urgently needed. It is a fact that it was not always good in Waremme either. We used to play combat volleyball before. We still have to look for our better game, such as the volleyball we played at the beginning of the season, but in Waremme we showed that we are gradually growing. We never panicked and as a team have delivered a very consistent performance.”

“It is a fact that we are doing a good thing in the standings thanks to this new victory. Moreover, after a long period without profit, we can start the week again with the full loot. That can count for the atmosphere and confidence. We have been reaping the benefits of this for a whole week now”, Ver Eecke concludes.

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