Union enjoys after sixth consecutive victory against Anderlecht: “We should not have thought about this two or three years ago”

Senne Lynen: “Moment to remember”

“We played very controlled in the first half. Anderlecht’s red card changed the entire match”, Senne Lynen also saw, who made the difference for Union with a goal and an assist. “During the break we mainly said that we had to be patient. We then get a goal against at a bad time, but that didn’t change anything. We had to keep doing the same. For example, we played against Club Brugge against ten men. That seems easier, but it is not.”

“Whether we missed Teuma’s experience? Yes, it is important to us. But a goal against does not put us off, we just keep going,” said Lynen, who scored the 1-2 with a bit of luck. “The ball deviated twice from my goal, but I saw it go into the square nicely. That this is our sixth win in a row against Anderlecht? Yes, we shouldn’t have even thought about that two or three years ago. A big compliment to the whole club and the supporters, this is a moment to remember.” (Read more below the photo)


Karel Geraerts: “We dominated without being very good”

“To be honest, I kept believing in it. After the red card we dominated without being very good”, Union coach Karel Geraerts analyzed. “I think we were a bit too slow in passing, we didn’t find enough space. We didn’t create many great chances, although there were some opportunities. In the second half we got a wake-up call. Anderlecht scores a nice goal, but then you know that you have players who can make the difference.”

“We had to stay calm and the players did that. The players I brought in have also done well. Puertas was very disappointed on Saturday that he would not start. He has responded very well and has remained strong in his head, well sunk in. That we are now undefeated in eleven games in a row? We don’t really think about that, but that’s very good. We want to try to win again next week”, Geraerts concluded. (Read more below the photo)


Bart Verbruggen: “I assume that the red card was correct”

Bart Verbruggen was elected Man of the Match, but went down with Anderlecht. “Unfortunately. I honestly had the feeling that the goal would not fall again,” said the young goalkeeper. “And when that first goal falls, you see that it becomes difficult. That second goal was a shame. I think 1-1 would have been a good result. I haven’t seen the red card yet, but I assume it was correct as we work with a VAR. But with ten against eleven it always becomes difficult. We fought for it. We should have held it off a little longer, and then we could have won or drawn here.”

Verbruggen knew on Saturday that he would be in goal against Union. “I am very happy that I am now the first goalkeeper, I dreamed of it when I came to Anderlecht. I would have preferred to start differently, but it is now. Next week there will be another tough match at Club Brugge, but that’s fun. That’s what we all play football for. You want to play those games. I am convinced that if we keep our heads up now and work hard, we can certainly achieve results.” (Read more below the photo)


Fabio Silva: “Great game against 10 against 11”

“This is certainly disappointing. We knew it would be a difficult match, because Union is a good team and is also in a good position in the standings”, said Anderlecht striker Fabio Silva. “We did a great job with 10 against 11. We sacrificed a lot to keep the space closed and also scored first. After that, Union also had some luck, with that second goal for example.”

“I am disappointed, but I see a lot of positive things. The coach said after the first half that we didn’t play well, but that we had to stay compact with 10 men and keep the space in the back closed”, said Silva, who scored for Anderlecht for the first time since October. “Yes, football can be like that sometimes. I know the goals will come, so I’m glad I could help the team. After the opening goal we tried to hold on to the lead, but we didn’t succeed.”

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