Mats Rits is “completely the old” after more than eight months of rehabilitation, but: “Defeat is not what I had in mind”


252 days: it was that long ago that Mats Rits was on the field again. The Club midfielder was left with mixed feelings in Genk. “I am completely back to my old self.”

Junior Verbeeke

Zipper tore his anterior cruciate ligament during the top match at Anderlecht last season on May 1, 2022, so more than eight months ago. “Of course it is fantastic to be back on the field. I worked for this, along with many other people. Returning with a defeat is of course less pleasant. I didn’t have this in mind.”

Rits, who turned 29 last summer, says he will not be affected by his serious knee injury. “I am completely back to my old self and I felt good on the field. Just like the past few weeks on the training field, of course. There was no fear.”

Even more: Rits almost provided an assist for the equalizer. Yaremchuk missed incomprehensibly. “I might have been able to finish him in a drop shot myself, but I think losing to Roman was always the best option. Then it’s a pity that the ball doesn’t go in. Such things happen. We actually have as many chances as Genk over the entire match. We just don’t finish them.”

Rits also puts the big backlog against Genk into perspective. “The season is not over yet, and it would have been if we had won here. Anything can still happen.”

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