Thunderclouds in Milan for Lukaku: Italian sports newspaper is the only player to give striker a big tube after a weak substitution: “He misses everything”

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No, Romelu Lukaku is not doing well in Italy. After the failed World Cup with the Red Devils, there is also little improvement at his club Inter Milan. On Friday, Lukaku not only had to start on the bench, his substitution was also not appealing. The Italian media sound pungent.

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It was a clear signal against AC Monza on Friday evening: Inter coach Inzaghi gave Lukaku a spot on the bench. After the break, with Inter leading 1-2, Lukaku came on for Edin Dzeko with just over half an hour to play. But where it was hoped that the Belgian would deepen the score, the opposite happened in the absolute final. Inter relinquished the victory through an own goal by Denzel Dumfries. Precious points were thus wasted against a low mid-engined Series A.

Where Inter was still relatively spared in the Italian media, the substitute Belgian was given the full blow. For example, the leading sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport gave the team from Milan a rating of 6 out of 10, then Lukaku had to make do with a paltry 4 out of ten. So flunked, and that as the only Inter player. “Inter has a problem that is no longer negligible: Lukaku. He misses everything he can. He lets go at least two big chances and didn’t create any space. It was an unfortunate spectacle of clumsily lost balls and goals conceded without reacting. The stadium no longer seems to believe in him,” it sounds loud.

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Not only Lukaku received a tube from the newspaper, referee Sacchi was also punished with a score of 4.5 out of 10. On Tuesday, Inter will face Parma in the Coppa Italia. Wondering whether Lukaku can take his chance again for revenge, or whether he will have to settle for a place on the bench again.

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