BNXT LEAGUE. Stunt of Liège against Ostend, Kangoeroes Mechelen wins top match against Limburg United

The top match of the twelfth matchday of the BetFirst BNXT League between Kangoeroes Mechelen and Limburg United got off to a nervous start. Both teams struggled to score and that resulted in a 16-17 bonus for Limburg United after the first quarter after a 4-5 score. It was Jonas Delalieux who gave the Limburgers that bonus with three points.

The game lacked quality, but the tension brought a lot of compensation. Richmond Aririguzoh and Brian Fobbs were the driving forces behind the 31-27 bonus for the Maneblussers. Kangoeroes Mechelen continued on its momentum and had a 43-34 lead halfway through.

Despite two technical fouls and an unsportsmanlike foul for Limburg United, the third slide was for the Limburgers. Alex Stein got loose and with scores from Yannick Desiron, an opinion from Yannick Dammen and useful work from Toon Ceyssens, it went from 46-41 and 52-46 to a 56-54 score. At 57-57 the connection was a fact. Kangaroos Mechelen did not let that happen. Jonas Foerts dropped bombs Richmond Aririguzoh (17 points, 9 rebounds) played one heck of a game. From 66-62 it went to a 76-68 Mechelen bonus. Limburg United suffered crucial ball losses and could no longer claim the win in a still pressing end. The Limburgers still missed Maxime De Zeeuw (foot) and Anthony Lambot (leg).

Kangaroos Mechelen-Limburg United 85-79

Quartz: 16-17, 27-17, 23-28, 19-17

Kangaroos Mechelen: Davis 10, Loubry 7, Mukubu 4, Van Buggenhout 2, Kotrulja 0, Mennes 0, Fobbs 25, Foerts 13, Palinckx 5, Thomas 0, Aririguzoh 17

Limburg United: Cale 7, Lesuisse 7, Delalieux 20, Ceyssens 5, Dedroog 0, Dammen 5, Desiron 14, Hammonds 6, Leemans 0, Stein 15

Liège-Ostend 87-78

Quartz: 28-22, 21-22, 16-15, 22-19

Shutter: Lemaire 7, Depuydt 0 , Dragan 16, Rodriguez 17, Hagins 19, Potier 0, Bogaerts 8, Noterman 2, Tubma 2, Cambo 0, Van Den Eynde 16

Ostend: Tyree 27, van der Vuurst 6, Bleijenbergh 7, Bratanovic 10, Gillet 13, Buysse 2, Barcello 0, Buysschaert 0, Thurman 0, Waleson 0, Troisfontaines 13

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