Why Hein Vanhaezebrouck has to get straight to work with AA Gent: three major challenges for the Buffalos

Keep transfer concerns out of the dressing room

The list of Ghent players who will be transfer-free at the end of this season looks impressive. The players whose departure seems imminent are therefore not the least: Vadis Odjidja, Michael Ngadeu and even ex-Golden Shoe Sven Kums seem to have to take into account a departure from the Ghelamco Arena. In addition, the future of boys such as Owusu, Godeau, Marreh and Lemajic is also uncertain.

Other players will undoubtedly enjoy the interest of foreign clubs. An accurate attacker such as Hugo Cuypers or a young flank player with the running ability of Matisse Samoise simply arouses the attention of numerous foreign scouts. You can bet that Hein Vanhaezebrouck will use all his persuasive power to keep everyone focused.

It is therefore essential for the Ghent board to handle all these transfer files with the utmost discretion. On the other hand, they have repeatedly underlined in the boardrooms that their financial resources are limited. A new European ticket and a guarantee of UEFA income therefore seem indispensable to keep certain strongholds on board.

Ensure a successful return of Tarik Tissoudali

It seems like a modern adaptation of the return of the Messiah. Tarik Tissoudali is working hard on his rehabilitation and the expectations of the Ghent public are sky high. During the internship in Oliva, the Moroccan international worked very hard in the company of physiotherapist Matti Mortier, who watches over him like his guardian angel.

In the meantime, the Dutch crowd favorite has extended his contract in the Ghelamco Arena, much to the relief of the blue and white supporters. This undoubtedly also ensures mental peace Tita Tissoudali, which, however, should not be overdone. Keeping a balance between ‘enthusiasm’ and physical strain will undoubtedly remain the biggest challenge for both player and technical and medical staff.

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Perform efficiently and consistently

Last year, AA Gent turned out to be a guarantee of defensive stability for a long time. Certainly in the first half of 2022, Ghent’s defense was without a doubt a beacon of tranquility and efficiency. That serenity slowly but surely ebbed away after the summer. Although Paul Nardi did provide some good saves for a cautious upsurge of defensive calm in the Ghent tent.

Up front, the absence of Tissoudali logically weighed heavily on the Buffalos, who all too often alternated strong performances with lesser games. Mercenary Jens Petter Hauge could not convince for the time being, but seems to be ready for the big work. Nothing too early, because AA Gent’s program immediately looks very spicy. There are several crucial duels on the program in both the Jupiler Pro League and the Croky Cup.

The Ghent machine will immediately have to run at full speed and the importance of the first party, visiting Antwerp, cannot be overestimated. A good result on the Bosuil can give the group of players a huge boost. A boost that would have been welcome in the run-up to the equally important cup match visiting Union. A quiet start is really not possible, Buffalo’s.

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