Cristiano Ronaldo receives bad news about debut at Al-Nassr, “Manchester United can help Portuguese out of need”


Portuguese star striker Cristiano Ronaldo will serve the two-match ban handed to him by the English Football Association (FA) while playing for Manchester United with his new team Al-Nassr. A director of the Saudi club told the French news agency AFP on Friday.

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According to the FIFA statutes, such a sanction must be taken over by an association from another country. However, in a statement, the World Football Association said that in this case it is up to the Saudi federation to determine whether that actually happens.

“This suspension will take effect once it is officially registered,” a club director confirmed to AFP the sanction.

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On Thursday it was announced that Ronaldo cannot yet make his debut for his new team Al-Nassr because the Saudi club has exceeded its quota of foreign players. After all, CR7 is the ninth foreign player to join Al-Nassr, surpassing the maximum of eight allowed by the Saudi Football Association. Another foreign player must therefore leave first.

According to Saudi media, the Uzbek midfielder Jalaluddin Masharipov is the child of the bill and has to leave to make room for Ronaldo. In England it sounds like Manchester United – yes, his ex-club – could come to the aid of the Portuguese. The club would be interested in a loan for Cameroonian striker Vincent Aboubakar.

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