Pelé’s special final resting place is in the Guinness Book of Records

The final resting place of the late Brazilian football legend Pelé will be the Memorial Necropole Eucumênica de Santos, a white high-rise building listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s tallest “cemetery”. It has no fewer than ten floors and 14,000 tombs.

Michael Van Damme

Pelé is “buried” in a very special place: a cemetery in a high-rise. Pelé already reserved his place in the Memorial Necropole Eucumênica of Santos in 2003 because the place is nothing like a traditional cemetery and does not exude the sad atmosphere. On the contrary, with its many balconies it resembles a sober apartment building.

The building overlooks Vila Belmiro, the stadium of the local football club where Pelé played football for much of his career.

It was intended that the body of the triple world champion would end up on the ninth floor, where other deceased relatives – including his father – lie, but the management provided a special place for Pelé on the ground floor. After all, the Memorial Necropole Eucumênica is expected to become a magnet for football fans from all over the world.

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