Again grumbling about starting times: fans KV Kortrijk and KV Mechelen ask for a later start of the Croky Cup quarterfinals

Next Wednesday, the quarterfinals of the Croky Cup between KV Kortrijk and KV Mechelen are scheduled at 6:30 PM. Something that the fans of both clubs are not served with. According to them, it is impossible to get to the KVK stadium that early on a weekday. They therefore ask that the game not start until 20h00. Let’s see if the Pro League responds to that question.

“Although we as supporters have defied many match days and hours in recent years, it is impossible as a working or studying supporter to attend the match in the stadium at this hour,” it sounds in a statement. “After all, a match at 6.30 pm means that many supporters have to leave at 3 or 4 pm – and therefore have to stop working earlier – and have to drive to the stadium during peak periods. For many supporters this is impossible.” The fans of both clubs therefore ask that the match not start until 20h00.

Both clubs also support that question. The clubs also support our request. Gert Van Dyck, director of KV Mechelen: “We think this question from both supporters cores is logic itself. Of course we want to find a balance between the interests of a television broadcast and those of the supporters. No football without TV, no football without supporters: let’s not forget that.” And Matthias Leterme, general manager of KV Kortrijk, also responds in the statement: “This can be a great quarter-final. With a lot of atmosphere along the sidelines when the game takes place later. Because this is much too early for both our fans and those of the visitors. And we are not even talking about our hundreds of employees who are responsible for the organization. They also drop out at this early hour.”

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