Bizarre: Cameroon Football Association removes 21 youth players from selection for fraud in age test


A special story from Cameroon. The football association had selected 30 youth players for the qualification series of the Africa Cup tournament for players under the age of 17, but it now appears that the majority are not allowed to participate. Reason: they are too old.

The Telegraph

Ultimately, it concerns 70 percent of the selected players. Age and personal data fraud has been going on in the country for years, especially in the football world. That is why the union wanted an extra check just before the qualifications.

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The players were therefore presented with special tests. For example, an MRI scan was made of their wrists, so the doctors can check the age on the basis of the bones. 21(!) of the 30 players turned out to be older than 17 years. Or, at least, they especially could not determine that they were under 17 years old. They were also kicked out of the roster. After the discovery, the Football Association of Cameroon therefore calls on players, directors and trainers to respect the ages more: “Because in the past this tarnished the image of Cameroonian football.”

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