Romelu Lukaku wants Thierry Henry as the new national coach of the Red Devils: “He knows us and is a born winner”

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At the Italian Sky Sports, Romelu Lukaku has spoken for the first time since the World Cup. Inter’s striker talked about the Red Devils and who should succeed Roberto Martinez as national coach. “If it were up to me, it would be Thierry Henry.”

Yanko Beeckman

It has been known for some time that Lukaku and Henry have a good relationship. After the fateful draw against Croatia (0-0), Roberto Martinez’s French assistant was the first to offer Big Rom a comforting shoulder. Now Lukaku has also stated that he sees ‘Titi’ as an ideal successor for Martinez. “He has the respect of all players and he knows everyone,” says Lukaku. “I don’t know who the union will choose, but hopefully it will be Henry. He is a born winner, he won everything. He knows what we have to do.”

According to Lukaku, it would be an advantage that Henry does not have to start from scratch again. “This generation has not won a prize yet, but we have to keep trying. I don’t think the association will now choose a coach who wants to change everything and start with a completely clean slate. I don’t think it’s worth it.”

Lukaku is currently on loan from Chelsea to Inter. “Everyone knows that I would like to stay here, but that also depends on Chelsea. After my return to Inter I was afraid that Inter fans would be angry, but I think everyone knows that the club has always been in my heart. My son Romeo now also plays for the youth of Inter and my family would like to stay in Milan. Of course I would like to end my career here, but one day I have to return to Anderlecht.”


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