Playing in between is not the intention: Scott Parker signed for 2.5 years at Club Brugge

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Scott Parker (42) and Club Brugge are committed to the long term. The Englishman, presented today, signed until June 2025.

David Van den Broeck

‘Old on new’ brought Club Brugge a new trainer. At 5:45 p.m. on Dec. 31, it announced — as expected — that it was going into business with Scott Parker. The 42-year-old Englishman, who previously brought Fulham and Bournemouth to the Premier League but was not yet able to push through, must bring stability to the blue-black again and preferably make it swing.

Striking: unlike his predecessors, Parker signed a fixed-term contract, namely for two and a half years. Philippe Clement as well as Alfred Schreuder as Carl Hoefkens were fixed indefinitely, which CEO Vincent Mannaert labeled as “a logical evolution and a healthier situation”. His explanation about this: “In the past, trainers came in their last contract year and it was always a hassle. Now we work with interim evaluation moments.” In the case of Parker, a fixed term was therefore once again opted for – until June 2025. The necessary agreements have of course been made in case an offer is ever made for him.

Today at 3 pm, Mannaert will explain the choice for Parker (and the dismissal of Hoefkens), after which the new T1 may introduce itself to the press and public at 4 pm. It is his first real day at work, so to speak, because the players are not expected until tomorrow for the first training session towards Sunday’s top match in Genk.

English staffers?

What remains to be clarified is the composition of the sporting staff. Parker has worked with permanent assistants until now. On the one hand, this concerns right-hand man Matt Wells, goalkeeping coach Rob Burch and analyst Jonathan Hill, and on the other hand, performance coach Alastair Harris and physical coach Charlie Moore, who remained with Bournemouth after his dismissal. Rik De Mil, Paul Okon, Nosa Obasohan and Peter Mollez – Hoefkens’ assistants – hope to get clarity about their future at Club today. Unlike his three colleagues, who have been working in Westkapelle for several years, Okon only joined in the summer, at the request of Hoefkens. The Australian therefore has few illusions.

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