Jean-Marie Dedecker, Frank Raes and José De Cauwer look back at the Red Devils, the death of Pelé and the rest of 2022 (part two): “With what I know now, I would have strangled Putin better”

José De Cauwer, Jean-Marie Dedecker and Frank Raes analyze the sports year 2022. . — © Inge Kinnet

In the image of the past World Cup football, Jean-Marie Dedecker (70), José De Cauwer (73) and Frank Raes (68) opt for a lot of extra time at the table in Brasserie Latem. Part two of the Sportjaaroverzicht will also pass in review: dog breeds that bite, coaches with a corner and Pelé as the greatest of all time. “Who’s the best, the biggest, the prettiest… I’m a little tired of that question, to be honest.”

Jan-Pieter De Vlieger and Marc Vermeiren

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