Pep Guardiola takes it wonderfully for player who is booed as a fat boy by ex-club supporters: “He has the perfect body, so sexy”

Manchester City had no problems with low-flyer Leeds yesterday, which set it aside 1-3. Erling Haaland once again entertained the audience with two goals. Pep Guardiola then provided the necessary entertainment at the press conference afterwards. He comically stood up for midfielder Kalvin Phillips.

Martin Vanhoof

Phillips came over from Leeds for a sloppy 50 million euros in the mid-season, but his transfer cannot yet be called a success. At City, he only played four times, partly due to injuries. Nevertheless, national coach Gareth Southgate took him to the World Cup in Qatar. Despite the two appearances, the midfielder did not return from the Middle East in the best condition.

In Man City’s cup match against Liverpool there was no place for Phillips in the match selection last week. “He has not come back in the condition to train and play. That’s why he can’t play. If he can be used, he will play, because we need him,” Guardiola said.

Cheering home crowd

For the league match against his ex-club Leeds United, 27-year-old Phillips was allowed to sit on the bench. He was also allowed to warm up next to the field in the second half, but it did not come to a substitution. During his warm-up he was allowed to hear it from the home fans. “You are too fat to play for Leeds”, they sang to him.

The shouting towards Phillips had not gone unnoticed by Pep Guardiola either. At the press conference after the game, he joked about his midfielder. “He has the perfect body now, so sexy.” It caused quite a few bursts of laughter in the press room.

After which the Spaniard continued in a serious tone. “I am happy that Kalvin trained very well yesterday. Sooner or later he will play games, because Rodri (his competitor in midfield, ed.) cannot play all matches.”

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