LeBron James is not happy with the current form of the LA Lakers: “Playing like that is not in my DNA”

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LeBron James is one of the best active NBA players. No matter how hard he tries, James can’t possibly carry the LA Lakers on his own. The team from California was only able to win 14 of the 35 games played so far and the four-time champion of the NBA does not like that at all.

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“I am a winner who wants to fight for championships,” said James after the defeat against his former club Miami Heat (112-98). “That has been my goal since I was 18 when I arrived in the NBA. I know you don’t just get in the position to fight for titles, you have to take steps first. But once you’ve done that and know how to become a champion, you want to stay in that position. It’s not in my DNA to ‘just’ play basketball. Not anymore, anyway”, a visibly shaken James continued.

In other words, James, who turns 38 on Friday and is on his way to overtaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record as the all-time top scorer this season, has doubts about his future in Los Angeles. The American extended his contract in LA last summer through the 2024-2025 season and has regularly expressed his desire to play another year in one team with his now 18-year-old son Bronny, who will be in the annual draft in 2024. ‘ can be recorded by an NBA club. “There aren’t many basketball players who still play at this level at this age and after so many years,” said James. “But I don’t want to end my career with a team that plays at this level. I want to fight for the championship because I know what I can bring when the conditions are right.”

James won two titles with the Miami Heat in his career, one with Cleveland and one with the Lakers in 2020. Then the Lakers tied with the Boston Celtics, who also led the NBA 20 times in their history.

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