SPORTV FUTEMAX AO VIVO: What is the number of SporTV on Sky, Net/Claro, Vivo and other operators?

O SportTV is one of the main sports channels in the country and has the best of national football and youth football in its programming grid. This year, for example, the channel is one of those responsible for broadcasting games of the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior.

This year, the channel will have a special program, with the world Cup, Campeonato Brasileiro, Copa do Brasil and Supercopa do Brasil. All these competitions have games broadcast on SporTV. Besides, of course, the Brasileirão under-20, the Brasileirão under-17.

Whether to watch your favorite club, or to see stars like Lionel Messi wearing the Argentina national team shirt, tuning in to SporTV is a great option. And to convey all the emotion that football provides, the channel has a select group of narrators and commentators.


During the World Cup in Qatar, the sportv will dedicate 100% of its programming to the event, broadcasting all 64 matches, including the experience of 4k technology, special programs and pre-match games with the participation of commentators, players, former players and coaches hired especially for Cup cover.

To warm up the engines for the World Cup in Qatar, which starts in less than 90 days, SporTV will launch a new program starting in November. It’s Que Copa é Essa?, a weekly attraction that will have 13 episodes and will analyze in detail all the editions of the Cup held so far. The command will be André Rizek, Paulo Vinícius Coelho, PVC; and Paulo César Vasconcellos.

In this way, the TUDOTV prepared a complete guide with the number of SporTV channels on the main TV operators and with the games that will be broadcast on the station.


Per cape:

  • CLARO/NET TV: 36, 37, 38 e 39
  • CLARO/NET TV HD: 537, 538, 539 e 724
  • LIVE HD TV: 537, 538 e 539
  • TELECOM: 37, 38 e 39

By satellite:

  • SKY: 36, 37, 38 e 39
  • SKY HD: 436, 437, 438 e 439
  • CLEAR TV: 36, 37, 38 e 39
  • CLEAR TV HD: 537, 538, 539 e 724
  • VIVO TV: 337, 338 e 339
  • LIVE HD TV: 817, 818 e 819
  • HI TV HD: 39

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