Daughter Pelé again shares an emotional message from the hospital: “Sometimes there is a lot of sadness and despair, the other moment we laugh”

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It is still anxious to see whether Brazilian football legend Pelé will survive his hospital stay. Daughter Kely Cristina Nascimento keeps the outside world constantly informed with messages on social media. In a last post on Instagram, she shows herself very emotional.

Martin Vanhoof

“These are moments that are hard to explain,” writes Nacimento. “Sometimes a lot of sadness and despair, other times we laugh and talk about nice memories. And what we learn from all this is that we need to find each other and hold on. That’s the only way it’s all worth it. Together with everyone.”

With this message, she also shares a photo in which she poses with other family members in Pelé’s hospital room. On Christmas Eve, Nacimento, who does not give up, previously shared a touching photo with the caption “We are always there, in the fight and in the faith. One more night together.”

The health of the Brazilian football legend continues to deteriorate. Pelé, who was stricken with colon cancer, has been in hospital since late November because his kidney and heart problems required more care. Since then, things have only gone downhill for the 82-year-old Brazilian, who has metastases in his body, according to local media.

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