Speculated at Internacional, Luis Suárez’s manager talks about the matter

Suarez celebrates scoring for Nacional | Photo: reproduction

Speculated at Internacional, Luis Suárez’s manager talks about the subject.

Last Friday afternoon (16), reporters Lucas Dias and Diogo Rossi reported that Luis Suárez was offered to Internacional and, immediately, ended up being rejected by the management due to the high amounts requested. On the other hand, Revista Colorada contacted the athlete’s manager, who ended up denying any dealings with Clube do Povo.

“There is nothing, at the moment, there was no consultation” – said the representative of Luisito.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that El Pistolero had already started talks with Grêmio before the World Cup played in Qatar. However, the Uruguayan thanked the tricolor proposal, and stressed that he would like to end his career in American football.

Luis Suárez’s manager denies any demand from Internacional

However, negotiations with the Americans did not proceed and Suárez remains free to negotiate with a new club. In this way, the player returned to dialogue with the arch-rival Colorado and can paint it as a surprising announcement of the team from Rio Grande do Sul.

It is worth remembering that the player said goodbye to the Uruguayan national team in a melancholy way after the team was eliminated in the first phase of the Cup. With many tears, the artilleryman lamented the fall and informed that he will no longer play for Celeste.

It remains to be seen what will be the fate of one of the greatest strikers of the century. As verified by Bandeirantes reporters, the Uruguayan’s salary request is R$ 1.5 million, an amount that completely escapes the ceiling established by the colorada leadership.

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