Does Louis van Gaal want to stay in Qatar? Orange national coach puts house in Zeeland up for sale

Before the 2022 World Cup started, Orange national coach Louis van Gaal was among the group of grumblers who thought that Qatar was not a suitable place for such a tournament.

But maybe he will like it after 3 weeks in the Gulf state. The 71 year old Admiral Van Gaal has put his house in Zeeland up for sale. Will he trade the Dutch coast for the Qatari one?

De site knows everything about the beach villa that has been put on the market. Van Gaal bought the house in 2017 for 193,355 euros. Now it must cost 437,500 euros.

The villa is 500 meters from the beach, has 4 bedrooms and a sauna. Louis and Truus in that sweat room, you better not imagine that.

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