Man died of heart attack during riots Gimnasia – Boca Juniors


In La Plata in Argentina there was a lot of unrest around the Gimnasia – Boca Juniors match on Thursday. The disturbances cost the life of 1 person. Authorities say this was a 57-year-old man who died of a heart attack.

The unrest arose both inside and outside the stadium. As a result, the game was stopped in the 9th minute. There were riots in the stadium and outside the stadium several people tried to get in, causing riots there too. The police used tear gas, hundreds of people came onto the field. Players covered their faces with their shirts and went to the locker room.

Footage also shows police firing rubber bullets. In a video at the bottom of this article you can see that the cameraman was also shot.

Police said they slammed the doors because the stadium was full, while many fans who had tickets were still standing at the gates. The first tear gas was sprayed there, the smoke from that gas entered the stadium and the players were bothered by that smoke. The unrest in the stadium became one man too many, he became unwell in all the crowds. He was taken to hospital but died en route.

The images of the disturbances:



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