Gio’s parents have not yet heard from Heracles player Rai Vloet: ‘Is he sorry?’

The parents of Gio, the 4-year-old child who died in the accident involving Heracles player Rai Vloet, have told their story in The Telegraph. Late Friday evening it was announced that the Heracles footballer was driving way too fast that night and drinking way too much.

They have not heard from Rai Vloet yet, while the Almelo club said this week that their player “has made personal contact with the family in order to express personal condolences”. Vloet did express his condolences on a video, but the parents indicate that they think that he is mainly the victim himself.

The parents think it’s the right decision that Vloet no longer plays games for Heracles, they say. “Out of respect for Gio and us, the relatives, that seems very normal to us. At least wait for the criminal trial.”

After all the commotion, Vloet has no longer been part of the selection since last Thursday, because the ‘mourning feelings of the victim’s family would come first’. But that came like mustard after the meal. The father says he has seen little of compassion, except for a letter from the club just after the accident.

The parents want to hear from Vloet that he is sorry. “Does he have feelings, does he have any regrets? We will not get Gio back with a prison sentence, but whatever punishment he gets: it is never enough for us.”

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