Minister of Sport Ben Weyts has allegations of Yellow Tigers against national coach Gert Vande Broek investigated


Magistrate Bart Meganck will investigate the allegations against Gert Vande Broek at the request of Minister of Sport Ben Weyts. The national coach of the Belgian volleyball women was discredited last week after some former Yellow Tigers accused him of emotional abuse.

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Three former players of the Yellow Tigers (Freya Aelbrecht, Hélène Rousseaux and Valerie Courtois) testified on Monday evening in the Canvas program ‘The prize of the winner’ about psychologically transgressive behavior of national coach Gert Vande Broek. He himself reacted “shocked” to the accusations and also gained the confidence of the volleyball association. Ilka Van de Vyver, current captain of the Tigers, decided to immediately stop with the national team. It is now up to Bart Meganck to investigate the matter. He will “as a neutral authority review all allegations, as well as the precise circumstances,” it said.

Previously, Meganck – herself a former top athlete – was already at the head of the expert committee that investigated cross-border behavior in the gymnastics world. “There has to be serenity now,” says Weyts. “Various parties have taken a very clear position. A neutral authority must now try to clarify and, if necessary, make recommendations.”

Weyts calls the allegations of the former Yellow Tigers “of a different order than the testimonials about transgressive behavior in the gymnastics world” and, it continues, “they do not really concern minors either, but they do stir up a lot of emotions and cause a lot of commotion. . Various parties have taken a very clear position in the media and there is a threat of an impasse that will not help anyone.” That is why Weyts says that he is taking the file “with the intention of restoring serenity”.

Bart Meganck has now accepted the assignment. As a neutral authority, he will look at all allegations, as well as the precise circumstances and the damage experienced by the (former) players. “Bart Meganck is a strong and credible figure, who knows the sports world inside out,” says Weyts. “He can also be the neutral authority in this file that restores serenity, provides clarity and, if necessary, makes recommendations.”

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