Camera shows Gremistas ambush against buses with Inter fans; watch


Moments before the derby between Grêmio and Inter, a bus carrying colorado fans was the target of an ambush by Grêmio fans.

Check out the report of an Inter fan:

“They ambushed us in Novo Hamburgo, some are bleeding, others are afraid. The computer is all broken. I don’t know if we’re going to follow the path. It is complicated. They closed one street, made us enter another. Stone, iron bars, they stole the bass drum. They deflected us, there was one with a yellow vest deflecting it”, says the audio of this fan”.


The report also reveals that one of the Grêmio fans was “fantasized” as a traffic agent, forcing the van to make a detour in order to be more vulnerable to attacks.

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The “FBI Tricolor” profile, fed by a Grêmio fan, released videos after the act and they show the presence of the red bass drum held by the Grêmio fans:

Witness report:


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