Limburg United stunts after extension in Bergen, Leuven Bears wins from Kangaroos Mechelen

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The eighth match day of the BNXT League brought a stunt by Limburg United on the road to vice-champion Bergen. Leuven Bears beat Kangaroos Mechelen.

Patrick Ceulemans

Limburg United pulled out a stunt on Saturday evening. After a good start (11-27) and a 25-42 bonus halfway through, the Limburgers were not yet sure of the win. Bergen picked up via, among others, Emmanuel Nzekwezi (26 points, 13 rebounds) with a double-double, with a comeback. That resulted after a 47-55 standings in a 70-70 standings after the regular phase. In the extension, Limburg United still secured the deserved: 86-90.

Big figure was Yannick “The Tank” Desiron. The Antwerp center of the Limburgers scored no less than 30 points and plucked 14 rebounds and therefore took out with a stronger double-double than Nzekwezi. For the Hainaut the third defeat in eight matches, for the Limburgers only the second victory.

Bears put Kangaroos aside

Kangaroos Mechelen, which missed a player with a corona infection, lost after an exciting match at Leuven Bears. The Bears were in control for almost the entire game. This via, among others, Joshua Heat and Nick McGlynn (18 points, 10 rebounds). Kangaroos Mechelen continued to cling on, but after the retirement of Domien Loubry, the win was no longer in sight. With 4 out of 7 the people from Leuven settle in the top 5. Kangaroos Mechelen suffered a third loss (3 out of 6) but still have two more make-up matches (Brussels, Liège) to complete.

Sunday (3 pm) there is the top match in the Lotto Arena between Antwerp Giants and Ostend and Brussels that Charleroi receives.


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