Atlético-GO fans sing at the Estádio and laugh: “Grêmio will play Serie B”; watch


Atlético-GO won this Monday (25th) an important victory against Grêmio by 2-0 at Estádio Alberto Accioly, with the presence of both fans.

After having achieved several submissions during almost the entire first half, the team from Rio Grande do Sul ended up being impacted by Igor Cariús’ goal in the final stretch of the initial stage.


In the second half, the situation got even worse after Paulo Miranda was sent off and Atlético-GO scored the second penalty goal, converted by Marlon Freitas.

Especially after the goal that defined the score, Atlético-GO fans at the Alberto Accioly Stadium did not forgive and provoked Grêmio fans at various times.

In one of the most impactful provocations, the fans sang: “Arerê, Grêmio will play Serie B”, alluding to the terrible moment of the team from Rio Grande do Sul that occupies the vice-lantern of Brasileirão ahead only of Chapecoense.

In addition, the fans shouted “Olé” during the exchange of passes by the Dragon in the final stretch of the game. There were also shouts of “timinho” and curses to Borja, Grêmio striker, for a little confusion in the stoppage time.

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See Atlético-GO fans teasing Grêmio


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