Kangaroos Mechelen cheers against Bergen after one extension and takes three out of five


Kangaroos Mechelen triumphed on the seventh match day of the BNXT League and after one extra period versus Bergen. For the Maneblussers, who still have two make-up matches to go, immediately a 3 out of 5. For the vice-champion, the second loss of the season (5 out of 7). Okapi Aalst won the second match on Saturday-evening against Leuven Bears 68-57. For the Onions the third win in a row.

Patrick Ceulemans

Bergen missed Pasalic (ankle sprain and four weeks out), but Emmanuel Nzekwezi recovered. The Dutch center missed the European midweek match due to administrative matters. In a balanced first quarter, Kangaroos Mechelen countered an early break from Bergen (2-8). First Myles Stephens and then Jonas Foerts guided the Maneblussers to a 13-13 score after the first quarter. The start of the second slide was for the Hainauts. Igor Mintogo and Marcus Tyus quickly provided a 20-25 bonus. Kangaroos’ Nate Grimes didn’t give up. The American picked rebounds and scored important points. After a 7-0 intermediate sprint, the Maneblussers took the lead again: 27-20. Domien Loubry scored and sprinkled with assists and Jonas Foerts dropped no less than 4 out of 5 bombs in the first half. That made Kangaroos systematically further away after 30-26. The Mechelen also dominated the rebound (24-19) in the first half and squeezed after a 38-31 score and after an impressive blockshot by Nate Grimes on Emmanuel Nzekwezi it went to a 43-35 lead halfway for Kangaroos Mechelen.

Myles Stephen immediately dropped a bomb at the beginning of the second half (46-35), but Kangaroos Mechelen then fell silent. David Nichols, Adjin Penava and Emmanuel Nzekwesi made the connection after 46-40: 50-49.

X-factor Myles Stephens

Myles Stephes, however, was the x-factor at Kangaroos Mechelen. The American made block shots, defended tightly and scored. Together with a again frisky Domien Loubry, who unpacked important bombs, Kangaroos Mechelen took a 66-59 lead after three quarters.

The final quarter brought a lot of sloppy basketball and thus nervousness, including some questionable decisions by the trio of referees. Bergen had opportunities but only grabbed the momentum after 68-59 and 71-66 and so deep into the final quarter. Signed Marcus Tyus who made it 71-71 with two minutes and eleven seconds left on the clock. Zaccharie Mortant dropped a three-pointer and at 71-74 the 0-10 Hainaut intermediate sprint was a fact. Domien Loubry answered with a bomb (74-74) and in the pressing final phase, Bergen had possession ten seconds from the end. Bergen did not prepare anything so that an extension was a fact. Overtime brought a rollercoaster of emotions and three-pointers; Kangaroos Mechelen was in the lead: 77-74 and 79-78 with a dunk by Myles Stephens. David Nichols made the connection with a bomb: 81-81, but Wen Mukubu also dropped a three-pointer: 84-81. Nate Grimes retired from the Maneblussers with five errors. David Nichols made the connection again at 86-86. The referees came back on their decision ten seconds from the end and after a fight after a rebound phase gave the ball advantage to Kangaroos. Domien Loubry scored the winning basket for Kangaroos Mechelen at one and a half seconds from the end: 88-86


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