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Find out about the cast’s news, behind-the-scenes details and the first teaser of the production that has fashion as its backdrop and premieres soon on Globoplay.

Winner of the 2016 International Emmy in the category “best telenovela”, Secret truths it gave a lot of talk when it aired in 2015, on TV Globo’s 11 pm range. It was so successful that it yielded a second season for the Globoplay streaming platform – a “lighter” version will be shown later on the open channel.

With sex scenes and debates about prostitution, chemical dependency, sexual abuse, among other themes, the plot broke audience records when it was shown on TV and was responsible for revealing actors as the protagonist Camila Queiroz, a newcomer to the plot, Agatha Moreira e Gabriel Leone. Grazi Massafera, who does not return for the sequel, played model Larissa, who becomes addicted to crack and goes to live on the streets, a role that earned her an International Emmy nomination for best actress.

Since August 24, the telenovela is being re-run by Globo as a warm-up for the new chapters, which made it the most watched production on Globoplay. Secret Truths 2 will show what happened to Angel (Camila Queiroz) after murdering Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) with gunfire on a speedboat and throwing the body into the sea. The rivalry with Kika (Agatha Moreira) returns with even more force, as the former runway classmate and the millionaire’s daughter is determined to prove that it was Angel who murdered her father. For this, he hires detective Cristiano (star romulus), who ends up getting involved with the two, in a love triangle that promises.

Recording started in April of this year and the sequel is now premiering in October (more information below). Walcyr Executioner continues as the author of the plot, but the general direction, which previously belonged to André Felipe Binder, Natália Grimberg and Mauro Mendonça Filho, becomes that of Blackberry Mautner.

Here’s what we already know about the soap opera’s second season:


You can put on the agenda: VS2 premieres on October 20th at 8pm. And with special broadcast! The first chapter will be shown in a Globoplay live, which will also be open to non-subscribers. In parallel, the cast will use social networks, both on the platform and their personal profiles, to comment minute by minute on the events of this return. Once the exhibition ends, the first ten chapters will be available on Globoplay exclusively for subscribers.


The sequel cast has been updated. Names like Marieta Severo and Reynaldo Gianecchini do not return to the plot, which receives Rômulo Estrela, Ícaro Silva, Gabriel Braga Nunes and Erika Januza, among the highlights. Rainer Cadete, Dida Camero, João Vitor Silva and Guilhermina Guinle follow in production. Below is the full list of confirmed actors.


  • Camila Queiroz like Arlete Brito Gomes, to Angel
  • Romulus Star Christian lives
  • Agatha Moreira is Giovanna Lovatelli Ticiano, Kika
  • Gabriel Braga Nunes Percy interprets
  • Deborah Evelyn como Betty
  • Rainer Cadet Visky lives
  • Erika Januza not Laila’s paper
  • Jonathan Azevedo like Euripides
  • Guilhermina Guinle lives Pia Lovatelli
  • Paula Burlamaqui interpret Aline
  • Icarus Silva not joseph paper
  • Maria de Medeiro as Blanche


  • João Vítor Silva it’s Bruno Lovatelli
  • Genézio de Barros as Oswaldo
  • Dida Camero interprets Lourdeca
  • Adriano Toloza in the role of Igor
  • Rhay Polster Chiara lives
  • Rodrigo Pandolfo like Benji
  • Bruno Montaleone interpret Matheus
  • Johnny Massaro Giotto lives
  • Aline Borges in the role of Thais
  • Daniel Andrade plays Lucius
  • Kelner Macedo like Mark
  • Julia Byrro not Lara’s paper
  • Mayara Russi live victory
  • Malu Ogata like Reiko
  • Giovana Echeverria it’s lis


One of the biggest controversies of the first season of Secret truths was the pink book, a term that refers to catalogs of models who act as luxury escorts or work as prostitutes. At the time of the telenovela, several vehicles published testimonies of women who did this type of work. On the other hand, agency owners and models denied the existence of the pink book and criticized Walcyr Carrasco for highlighting it in the soap opera.

Anyway, the theme comes back in Secret Truths 2, as Angel resorts to practice to support his 5-year-old son, diagnosed with leukemia.


It seems, Secret Truths 2 won’t skimp on sex scenes – so much so that it’s rated 18+. It’s worth noting that the sensual dance teacher Grazzy Brugner was hired to teach the cast in order to make everyone more comfortable on the recordings. That’s because the stunt men were dismissed and the actors themselves star in the sex scenes, as director Amora Mautner told on Romulo’s Instagram profile. The two also said that the actor will often appear naked.


Released on 23.09, the first teaser of Secret Truths 2 spread quickly. In it, Angel appears fleeing a car explosion, bumping into Kika and parading on the catwalk.

New characters also appear, such as Lara (Júlia Byrro), who, it seems, is the new face of this sequence, in addition to detective Cristiano. There was even a spoiler of the hot scenes to come.


The second trailer, released on 06.10, is less mysterious, partly explaining scenes from the first and bringing new information. In it, Kika guides how detective Cristiano must follow Angel closely in order to discover the truth about Alex’s murder.

Another highlight is the encounter between the protagonist and Visky, her ex-booker. She says she wants to go back to being a model for the agency she worked for, but he explains that Fanny (Marieta Severo), the former owner, sold her to Blanche, played by Portuguese actress Maria de Medeiros, the new villain in the plot. And there’s also a lot of spoiler of the sex scenes that are coming…

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