Northeast Cup 2022 LIVE: See how to watch it on TV and Online

Everything about the Copa do Nordeste 2022: competition start date, clubs, groups, formula and where to watch

The second phase of the 2022 Northeast Pre-Cup is defined. Eight matches will be held from Tuesday, 10/19, to define who will advance to the third and final stage in search of a vacancy until next year. Check out the complete table of games, know where to watch and what to expect for the next stage.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

19:00 – Confidence x Sousa
Northeast Pre-Cup – NORDESTE FC

9:30 pm – Santa Cruz x Forest
Northeast Pre-Cup – SBT (PE) and NORDESTE FC

9:30 pm – Rail x Jacuipense
Northeast Pre-Cup – SBT (CE) and NORDESTE FC

9:30 pm – Vitória x Itabaiana
Northeast Pre-Cup – SBT (BA) and NORDESTE FC

Check out the classifieds in each state for the 2021 Northeast Cup

Maranhão: Sampaio Corrêa (group stage), Moto Club and Imperatriz (first initial stage)

Piauí: Altos (group stage), Fluminense-PI and River (first initial stage

Ceará: Fortaleza and Ceará (group phase), Ferroviário (second initial phase), Floresta and Atlético-CE (first initial phase)

Large northern river: Globo (group stage), ABC and America-RN) (second qualifying stage)

Paraíba: Campinense (group stage), Botafogo-PB (second qualifying stage), Sousa and Treze (first qualifying stage)

Pernambuco: Náutico and Sport (group stage), Santa Cruz (second qualifying stage). Central and Salgueiro (first qualifying round)

Alagoas: CSA (group stage), CRB (second qualifying stage), ASA (first qualifying stage)

Sergipe: Sergipe (group stage), Confiança (second qualifying stage), Itabaiana and Lagarto (first qualifying stage)

Bahia: Bahia and Atlético de Alagoinhas (group stage), Vitória (second qualifying stage), Jacuipense, Juazeirense and Bahia de Feira (first qualifying stage)


According to the information, also confirmed by directors of various state entities, the competition will be disputed by 36 clubs in total, 16 in their group stage and now by 24 in the qualifying stages, which will be divided into three stages that will classify four teams to the ‘main’ part of the event,

In the format to be adopted, the classification phase for the Copa do Nordeste in its first phase 16 teams, with eight already pre-qualified for the second stadium. The 16 teams from the initial phase play in single matches as well as in the second phase. Only in the third and final preliminary will the games will be round-trip.

Pernambuco, Bahia and Ceará will now have five seats in the Copa do Nordeste, two of them direct (the respective state champions plus the best ranked team from these three states) for the group stage and two more in the preliminary round. The other states in the region (Maranhão, Piauí, Alagoas, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Sergipe) continue with one place in the group stage and will now have two in the initial stages.

The justification would be to value teams that are well in the rankings but would not be able to get a place by the current criteria. For the phase and groups, there will be all the state champions, plus the teams with the best ranking in PE, BA and CE and the four classified in the pre-Copa do Nordeste.

Where to Watch the 2022 Northeast Cup?

the operator Sky, the second largest in the country in number of subscribers, closed the rights to the Copa do Nordeste 2021. The company will offer a pay-per-view of the competition to its nearly 5 million customers, with two price ranges: R$ 23.90 monthly or R$59.90 for the whole package. Tournament games will continue to be displayed on the SBT Northeast (open TV), on Fox Sports (pay TV) and on LiveFC.


Stage 1 Table | Detailed Table of CNE Groups Phase

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