Luka Elsner used the law of ’78 to go to Standard: KV Kortrijk may go to court


Luka Elsner is Standard’s new coach. Late on Wednesday evening, he informed KV Kortrijk that he unilaterally broke his contract (until 2024) by means of the law of ’78.

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However, Article 8 of that law states that a sportsperson (and this applies to both players and coaches) who unilaterally terminates his contract for non-mandatory reasons, may not participate in a paid sports competition of the same sport during the current sporting season. In principle, this means that Elsner cannot play as coach for Standard. Kortrijk will almost certainly go to court and might still be able to obtain compensation from De Rouches.

Spicy detail: Elsner would have applied for a job at Standard himself. For their part, the Liège directors have never polled KV Kortrijk. “Picking a trainer away from another club in the middle of the season is pure competition distortion. This is really not done.” responded chairman Ronny Verhelst. In the meantime, the Guys have to find a new coach themselves. A successor is expected to be announced this weekend. “What is certain is that Kortrijk will not take a coach from another club,” said Verelst. The club is therefore looking for a free coach. Ex-coach Karim Belhocine seems a logical name, but Mbaye Leye cannot be ruled out either.

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