| Anger at action against deceased NEC hooligan Rocky: ‘You leave the dead alone’

NEC supporters are angry with hard core members of Vitesse. The derby between the 2 Gelderland clubs is in 1.5 weeks, but fans of both clubs have been taunting each other weeks in advance. According to NEC enthusiasts, the Vitessenaren have gone a bit too far in their take-back action.

Earlier this week, NEC fans daubed the Arnhem Deer. They also placed offal next to the statue. The same offal also appeared on the spot where NEC hooligan Rocky Hellegers died 6 years ago.

Rocky Memorial Site
The waste has been dumped at his memorial site. The place was also ‘decorated’ with some texts. There was, for example, ‘Rocky is back’ to read. A cross was also placed there. According to De Gelderlander, people are angry about the action. “Leave the dead alone,” the newspaper headlined.

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