Rooster asks for annulment of match against Palmeiras due to Deyverson invasion


Atlético-MG wants the annulment of the return game of the Libertadores semifinals, in which it was eliminated by Palmeiras, last Tuesday, September 28, at Mineirão. The club from Minas Gerais sent a letter to Conmebol on Wednesday, 29, the day after the game, asking that the match in which they drew 1-1 with Verdão be annulled.

In the documentation sent by Galo, the club attached images of attacker Deyverson’s field invasion before the conclusion of the move that led to Dudu’s goal, tying the match and eliminating the team from the South American competition.


Atlético requested the establishment of a Disciplinary Procedure against Palmeiras, based on article 62, item 1, item “b”, of the 2021 Disciplinary Code, seeking a sanction to the São Paulo club, pursuant to article 7, item 3 , paragraph T of the same regulation, to (i) annul the goal scored by Dudu and determine the result of the match in 1 x 0 for Atlético-MG, which would qualify them for the Libertadores final.

If the request for annulment is not accepted, the Rooster wants the game to be repeated, based on article 7, item 3, item “k”, of the Disciplinary Code.

-According to Rule 3.9 of Laws of the Game 21/22 of the International Football Association Board, if, after scoring a goal, the referee realizes that a substitute player of the team that scored it was on the field at that time, the referee must invalidate it and restart the logo with a direct free kick, executed from the place where the extra person was, said Atlético’s office to Conmebol.

Another point of argument for Atlético’s requests is referee Wilmar Roldán’s summary, who says he saw Deyverson’s field invasion with the help of the VAR, which even generated a yellow card for the Palmeiras player.

-It should be noted that the presence of the substitute athlete Deyverson Brum Silva Acosta inside the field was noticed by the referee of the match after the goal was scored and before the game was restarted, as extracted from the Match Summary. So much so that the aforementioned athlete was punished with a yellow card precisely for the invasion of the field, which reveals the incorrect application of the rules of the logo, especially that provided for in item 3.9 of Laws of the Game 21/22 of the International Football Association Board-diz another part of the office, which continued:

-In this sense, it is understood that we are not facing a misinterpretation of the facts, but, in fact, a flagrant and inexcusable error of law, which resulted in the scoring of a notoriously invalid goal, which gave undue access to Palmeiras to final of the Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2021- completed the Minas Gerais team.


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