Magic coefficient week: this is what the standings look like after 4 out of 5 Dutch clubs win

Ajax, PSV, AZ and Feyenoord: 4 of the 5 Dutch clubs won in Europe this week. Whether it’s the Champions League, the Europa League or the Conference League: a win yields the same number of points. And so the Netherlands is one step closer to the top 6.

Yes, the top 6! Only England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Portugal are currently higher than the Netherlands in that coefficient ranking. The top 4 is far away, but France and Portugal fear us. We have a very bad season in 2017/2018, but those points will be lost next season. If we collect a lot of points this season, we can just pass those 2 countries.

very close
The Netherlands currently has about 36.5 points, of which about 3 will be lost after this season. That makes 33.5, as you understand. Portugal comes – if we stick to the current figures – at 35, France at 34. Very close! Just to be sure, check this list and don’t count the first season.

Especially when you consider that the Netherlands took 1.6 whole points this week. The explanation about this: The Netherlands started with 5 teams in Europe. A win gives 2 points divided by the number of teams the country started with in Europe (5). 0.4 per win. Only Vitesse did not win against Stade Rennais.

France and Portugal started with 6 teams in Europe, which means they have to divide a victory by 6. Even better: Portugal has already lost 2 teams in the play-offs.

And the competition among us? That sinks further and further away, while all of them have already lost at least 1 team (but often more).

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