OUR POINTS. A draw against OHL causes a blowout at Club Brugge

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Club Brugge had a hard time against a stiff Oud-Heverlee Leuven. Clinton Mata was next to Sobol and De Ketelaere as an important goalscorer one of the best in Bruges. Nsoki then fell through the cracks again.

Bart Lagae

Simon Mignolet 6

Before the match there was a hole in his nets. It takes more to knock him off his feet. Didn’t stand a chance on Ozkacar’s header

Clinton Mata 7

Played better, but kept going and fighting and then scored the overdeserved equalizer himself.

Jack Hendry 6

As if he has been playing at Club for years. Started out authoritatively, but then faded somewhat. Headed the equalizer on the crossbar.

Stanley Nsoki 4

Was again more than acceptable a few times his casual self. His gratuitous pass to Maertens was without result, but his bad pass back did lead to the 0-1.

Eduard Sobol 7

Reached the backline several times and usually had a good cross on offer, but his assist counter remained at zero due to the poor finish of his mates.

Mats Rits 6

Feels comfortable as a basic pawn. Turned well a few times and tried to test Romo from all positions, without success.

Eder Balanta 6

Defensively on the lesson and offensively sometimes had good hunches. Changed on the hour for tactical reasons.

Hans Vanaken 6

The captain’s intentions were good, but the execution was insufficient. Showed himself too little to reach his top level.

Kamal Sowah 5

Couldn’t repeat his brilliant performance against Ostend two weeks ago against his ex-club. Was rightly replaced early.

Charles De Ketelaere 7

Got on well with Lang again and kept the entire Leuven defense talking, but couldn’t convert his mastery into a goal.

Noa Lang 6

Was often whirlwind down the line again but failed to put the icing on the cake.

Noah Mbamba 6

sunken. Did his job, with strong positional play, more than decent.

Bas Dost 6

Was thrown into battle on the hour to help save the furniture. Filled in well and created an extra threat in the box.


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